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This webpage is aimed to women who simply love other women. Women would love to share with us their stories and dreams based on pure emotions leading to breathtaking moments. 

We all know the unique feeling of a woman to love another woman. Even an eye contact or a hug between women is more than enough to make us feel complete. 

So let’s share in our community stories that we love, stories that take our breath away and to remind us who we are and that we are proud of ourselves.


Why you kissed me?

I am very confused and scared after what happened. I can’t believe Natalie kissed me. A girl kissing another girl …
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The life of a policewoman

My personal life is plain but I cannot complain. I have a job that I love, my own house and …
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Finding out who I am

I had just turned 15 when my friends were insisting I should find a boyfriend. I hadn’t thought about it …
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The summer I can’t forget [III]

During dinner we were both quiet but constantly staring at each other. I couldn’t really believe what happened just a …
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The summer I can’t forget

Every summer I was visiting with my family my grandparents seaside village to enjoy our time with them. Even though …
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The summer I can’t forget [Part II]

We had breakfast and I was looking at her with different eyes; I observed more the reactions of her face, …
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Jack! Where are you?

This is the story of how I met my girlfriend Lydia. Three years ago I went with my best friend …
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A Letter to my first love

Hello Maria, I hope you are doing well! I decided to write you a letter because I find it complicated …
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Erasmus Love [Part I]

Back then I was studying my bachelor degree in Athens. Since I moved to Athens for my studies, my life …
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I belong to you

I am sitting at my sofa reading my book while drinking a cup of tea. I sense a soft wind …
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Contribute to our community

Contribute to our women community by sharing your own stories. They can be real stories, fiction stories but what really matters is to share stories that are based on pure love and romanticism, something that nowadays is forgotten but hidden in our hearts. Because pure women’s love starts with the mind and heart. 

Enjoy our stories

Just grab the chance to enjoy our romance stories! It’s definitely relaxing, fulfilling and inspiring. You can always make comments to share your thoughts with us, and also to share the stories you like with your friends.